Keron Jackson

Keron Jackson's ministry is named "Hey, Big Dude." If you've ever met him, you know he is a big man for the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was found homeless and taken in by a family that shared Jesus with him. Those people first met a need and then shared Jesus with him. One of "Hey, Big Dude" famous quotes is, "When the world was offering me everything bad, I'm so grateful someone offered me a relationship with Jesus.”

A huge part of Keron's life is that a little old lady taught him to sing. She said, "If you sing at my church, I will make you a sandwich." A thousand sandwiches later, Keron Jackson made his Carnegie Hall Debut in New York. "Hey, Big Dude" is quick to say, "I'm not a star; I'm a missionary."

His voice is big, but his heart is bigger. He knows what it means to be lost and abandoned. Now, because of his dual citizenship, as he calls it, from homelessness to Carnegie Hall, "Hey, Big Dude" allows himself to have real heart-to-heart conversations that touch on issues in the world today from a biblical standpoint. Recently, at a university, a student asked this question:

A white student-athlete raped a girl and received six months probation. A black student-athlete raped a girl and received 24 years in prison. How do you feel about racial injustice?

 Keron's answer was, "Don't rape nobody. Don't rape anyone. Then you don't have to find out how much time you will get black, white, or anything in between. Let's start at step one, and then you don't have to worry about step 7.” 

Please pray and donate to send "Hey, Big Dude" all over this nation and world. Keron is willing to be lowered into the pit of darkness. Will you please hold the rope through your prayers and financial support? 

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