Brittany Beanland

College is an instrumental time where students are on their own and figuring out what they want to do and who they want to be.  When I was in college, I became a part of a BSM and learned what it truly looked like to walk with and live for Jesus in my everyday life. This has impacted my everything and changed the trajectory of my life towards helping others know and walk with him also. I am excited to be serving alongside my husband Keith, on the BSM staff at Midwestern State University. I hope and pray to be able to impact the girls on MSU’s campus with the Gospel in the same way that I was impacted when I was in school.

I will be overseeing some administrative tasks at the BSM, but mostly my role will be directly involved in discipling girls, sharing the gospel on campus, and equipping students to do the same. Once our students leave MSU, they are sent to be missionaries wherever they go in Texas, the United States, or in any other part of the world! We prioritize helping these students truly live out the great commission by learning to fully rely on the Lord, while being taught how to share their faith and disciple others who will be able to do the same.  

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