Jason & Jennifer Perkins

I have always had a heart for the lost, and in this next season of life, God has called me to the lost in Provo, Utah. My wife and I will be going to connect with Mormons and allow God to use us to show them who Jesus Christ is. In Provo, I will be working alongside Mosaic Church, a church plant right in the heart of downtown Provo. While my main focus there will be college ministry as the BYU College Minister for the church, I will be taking on many other roles in order to help the church go further with its ministry. I will be helping with the pastoral load of the church, leading young adult addiction recovery, one-on-one church discipleship, and helping with the new church plant that will be located in Vineyard, Utah.

As the church grows and more people come to Christ, my role may look different in the years to come, but no matter the job title, the one thing that I know God has called me to do is to reach the lost and build relationships with them that are centered around Jesus. My wife and I are looking forward to building meaningful relationships, sharing the gospel with the lost, and doing life alongside fellow believers.

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