Fort Worth Area BSM

The staff, facilities, and outreach of the BSM are the most strategic ministry tools to reach the more than 58,000 college students in Fort Worth. Each week Fort Worth BSM engages students across 7 campuses at TCU, Tarleton Fort Worth, Texas Wesleyan, and Tarrant County College. To multiply this impact, God has expanded our staff to 5 people serving on these 7 campuses! Your contributions will ensure the continued increase in the impact of BSM on our college campuses in the Fort Worth area.

Thank you for your gift and commitment to the Gospel. Your gift impacts the spiritual growth of students, affects generations to come, and reaches into eternity. We could not do this without your support and partnership!

Warren Ethridge, Director


[email protected]


Morgan Little, Director

BSM at Tarleton State University Fort Worth

[email protected]


Jessica Mendez Tuggle, Director at Texas Wesleyan BSM

[email protected]


If you are looking to give to a specific staff person, please click below to go to their page:


Please note: All staff-specific gifts are a designated gift that can only be used towards the position of the staff worker. Refunds can only be given due to user or office errors. In the event that it is impossible to use the monies for the designated account (i.e. a staff member no longer being employed), sent monies will be utilized for that local BSM's ministry needs or other underfunded staff.


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