BSMs at Dallas College & Collin College

University students are the second largest unreached people group in North America. In Dallas and Collin Counties alone we have more than 250,000 registered college students attending a campus in either one of our community college systems, a public or private university, or a medical school. To reach those students we are connecting individuals, church partners, and a team of paid, self-funded, and volunteer staff. Your gift will enable us to reach the next generation of students.

George Dolak

Dallas College
[email protected]
(817) 879-4677

Mark Warrington

Collin College
[email protected]
(432) 213-2335

Staff Funding:

If you are looking to give to a specific staff person, please click below to go to their page:


Please note: All staff-specific gifts are a designated gift that can only be used towards the position of the staff worker. Refunds can only be given due to user or office errors. In the event that it is impossible to use the monies for the designated account (i.e. a staff member no longer being employed), sent monies will be utilized for that local BSM's ministry needs or other underfunded staff.


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